Trancendance in Venta Silurum


I haven’t been inspired to blog since my Father died. Everything feels chaotic and slow. However Iam starting to see some light …

“While I thought that I was learning how to live, I have been learning how to die.” Leonardo da Vinci

Its amazing how basically dismantling a life time can open your mind and heart. Flowing through the stages of grief, the balance of living and running a business had me feeling stuck. Now I am beginning to feel, the wind blowing through my soul. The missing moving towards memory, smiling instead of crying. The many lessons still tumultuous in my mind but bits are forming and the feeling of Love is solid.


This sim Venta Silurum inspired me to take some photos and blog a bit today.

The King & Queen of Venta Silurum:

Tallyesin (Tally)

Tally is also an amazing Acoustic Musician in second life.

He plays guitar beautifully and has a strong warm voice that hits your soul.

 Check out Tally Esin on Facebook.

Tally’s performing schedule.

Tally On youtube.

Tallyesin on flickr

Kiana Jarman (Kiana)

Kiana is an amazing woman she owns KlubWerK.poses and PhotoLounge.Jarman

.Kiana is also Fashion Teller House COO & photographer.

Klubwerk poses on Facebook

Kiana’s photos on flickr


Incredibly these too very creative busy people made the quite stunning Venta Silurum sim and opened it to the public so we all may enjoy a piece of their heart.

Wandering along the path at Venta you can see the eye for detail and beauty that went into the making of this lovely respite. The wind light used creates a dusky feeling of possibility.  wandering the paths through this sim you come upon many quiet spots to rest with great photo opportunities. This sim defiantly captures the feel of the ruins of an old town amidst a lovely rural Welsh countryside.

Venta Silurum (real life one) is now Caerwent in SouthEast Wales where much of the town has been excavated and is an archeological display of Roman and pre Roman ruins. There is a Literary theory with some sound reasoning that Venta Silurum may have been the Camelot of Arthurian legend.


Currently through September 30th Venta Silurum is having a Photo contest.


  Watch the music video above, or listen to the song. Select an element from the song that you want to portray in photograph form, taken on the sim Venta Silurum.

PRIZES: 1ST: L$10,000, 2ND: L$2,500, 3RD L$2,500

More info here

Venta Silurum flickr group here


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Future Shock: sci-fi machinima in Second Life

Wow this is intriguing !

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Future Shock: sci-fi machinima Future Shock: sci-fi machinima

Future Shock is an ambitious and intriguing new Second Life Machinima series produced by Pryda Parx, the first episode of which was released on You Tube on September 16th, 2016.

Future Shock is set in a dark future world where technology is designed to keep everyone safe and secure. At least that’s the way it is meant to be,” Pryda told me as we discussed the concept and the evolving series. “A place where technology dominates and where real life and virtual worlds intertwine.”

Unfolding over nine episodes, the story is told in something of a non-linear manner. Individual segments run to around 4 minutes each, unfolding part of the story, but as Pryda notes, “to get the most out of the audience will need to pause, rewind and revisit previous episodes; there are a lot of subtle connections between episodes which will not be…

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days past

SL Men look – ladies please share.

Ok Sl men ..

if your going to I’m a lady inappropriate propositions can you

PLEASE PLEASE at least appear as eye candy

not some totally out of the box free Av.

Trust me .. it will help your game .
Realistically so would a brain ….
Disclaimer .. this happens too often and well nothing personal : )

Here are some men’s blog suggestions and events that may help your Sl appearance.  Iam sure more are out there I mainly follow Women’s fashion things but hey when someones work stands out I look!
These Guys know how to dress and even share it with you.
They contain lots of photos and big words too.

"Thinking that you are forgotten is one thing...but knowing you  is another."

Above Photo by Roy Mildor on his flickr

I have been this way........

Above Photo from Hikaru Enimo’s flickr


Above Photo by Darkly Dover taken from flickr

[ kunst ] - Karl's pipe & Stark ring

Above photo taken from Waff’s flickr

These events seems like a good ones for you Guys

Check Seraphim and search men many events carry things for you mesh men.
Another good tip is search flicker  a lot of great photographers many men will list what they are wearing…

So thats my 2 cents for you Men out there in Second Life
*None of the above photos are mine credits are below each photo with a link to flickr and the blog as well.
Discrepancies in size (yes size matters in a post about men) are due to flicker settings.
Caitlin Tobias explains all that here on Sl bloggers support .
*no offence ment in any way.. resemblance to any one you know is unintentional*
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Life – Art – The Berg – Second Life


Due to the chaos of life I am kind of on a Neil Gaimen approach to second Life these days.

“Have been unavoidably detained by the world.

Expect us when you see us.”

― Neil Gaiman, Stardust

Daallee and I are taking a break

The Living Room ‘s  schedule for the summer will be slower.

Daallee is continuing her booking and Hosting of The Vinnie Show in a few virtual worlds.

The Vinnie show schedule is here.


I did get to go check out a few art shows in May

These ones are still showing.

Go look be quick about it.

The Berg is featuring

a wonderful Black and white Photo series

by Imani Naynar

I found this exhibit to be beautifully sensual with deep warmth of expression that draws you in.

“step by step I realized that taking pics changed the way that I saw things. I suddenly saw things I never noticed before. Everything was different when I started to see the world as a photographer … light, colors, textures, shapes, perspectives … and even emotions.” Taken from Imani’s bio at the exhibit.

You can see more of her work on her Flickr


The Berg is also featuring “Mechanismus”

By Igor Ballyhoo

Wow this exhibit is huge and a bit intense.

Make sure you read the Mechanismus bio and accompanying note card.

The depth and scope of this build makes you think!

“MECHANISMUS is a metaphorical story about symbiosis of human and technology from the beginning of both entities till the present day.

Since the moment when primates grabbed rocks and sticks to fight for their survival till today, both entities grew, one pushing another and being pulled to advance by other one.

Present day is culmination of that symbiosis and it brings merging of this two in to completely new entity, some would say unnatural but… is it?

We all lean on technology so much this days that we would not be able even to survive without it which without doubt proves merging with it to some degree.

Often in talks with other people I sense repulsion and even disgust at idea of us and technology becoming one being and it reminds me how much humans need this “stick to your kind” behavior. I find that way of thinking racist.

Face it, superhuman is coming, like it or not.”

Taken from Igor’s Bio at the exhibit.

The Berg Gallery

Add your photos to The Berg’s flickr

Keep up with what is happening at The Berg  here.

Daallee took this shot  : )

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