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SL Men look – ladies please share.

Ok Sl men ..

if your going to I’m a lady inappropriate propositions can you

PLEASE PLEASE at least appear as eye candy

not some totally out of the box free Av.

Trust me .. it will help your game .
Realistically so would a brain ….
Disclaimer .. this happens too often and well nothing personal : )

Here are some men’s blog suggestions and events that may help your Sl appearance.  Iam sure more are out there I mainly follow Women’s fashion things but hey when someones work stands out I look!
These Guys know how to dress and even share it with you.
They contain lots of photos and big words too.

"Thinking that you are forgotten is one thing...but knowing you  is another."

Above Photo by Roy Mildor on his flickr

I have been this way........

Above Photo from Hikaru Enimo’s flickr


Above Photo by Darkly Dover taken from flickr

[ kunst ] - Karl's pipe & Stark ring

Above photo taken from Waff’s flickr

These events seems like a good ones for you Guys

Check Seraphim and search men many events carry things for you mesh men.
Another good tip is search flicker  a lot of great photographers many men will list what they are wearing…

So thats my 2 cents for you Men out there in Second Life
*None of the above photos are mine credits are below each photo with a link to flickr and the blog as well.
Discrepancies in size (yes size matters in a post about men) are due to flicker settings.
Caitlin Tobias explains all that here on Sl bloggers support .
*no offence ment in any way.. resemblance to any one you know is unintentional*
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Life – Art – The Berg – Second Life


Due to the chaos of life I am kind of on a Neil Gaimen approach to second Life these days.

“Have been unavoidably detained by the world.

Expect us when you see us.”

― Neil Gaiman, Stardust

Daallee and I are taking a break

The Living Room ‘s  schedule for the summer will be slower.

Daallee is continuing her booking and Hosting of The Vinnie Show in a few virtual worlds.

The Vinnie show schedule is here.


I did get to go check out a few art shows in May

These ones are still showing.

Go look be quick about it.

The Berg is featuring

a wonderful Black and white Photo series

by Imani Naynar

I found this exhibit to be beautifully sensual with deep warmth of expression that draws you in.

“step by step I realized that taking pics changed the way that I saw things. I suddenly saw things I never noticed before. Everything was different when I started to see the world as a photographer … light, colors, textures, shapes, perspectives … and even emotions.” Taken from Imani’s bio at the exhibit.

You can see more of her work on her Flickr


The Berg is also featuring “Mechanismus”

By Igor Ballyhoo

Wow this exhibit is huge and a bit intense.

Make sure you read the Mechanismus bio and accompanying note card.

The depth and scope of this build makes you think!

“MECHANISMUS is a metaphorical story about symbiosis of human and technology from the beginning of both entities till the present day.

Since the moment when primates grabbed rocks and sticks to fight for their survival till today, both entities grew, one pushing another and being pulled to advance by other one.

Present day is culmination of that symbiosis and it brings merging of this two in to completely new entity, some would say unnatural but… is it?

We all lean on technology so much this days that we would not be able even to survive without it which without doubt proves merging with it to some degree.

Often in talks with other people I sense repulsion and even disgust at idea of us and technology becoming one being and it reminds me how much humans need this “stick to your kind” behavior. I find that way of thinking racist.

Face it, superhuman is coming, like it or not.”

Taken from Igor’s Bio at the exhibit.

The Berg Gallery

Add your photos to The Berg’s flickr

Keep up with what is happening at The Berg  here.

Daallee took this shot  : )

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May in the Park

May at Holly Kai Park brings another round of excellent Second life Artists.

This beautiful park has wonderful walking trails with places to sit and take in the views. Holly Kai also boarders the Blake sea, has docking and is fully sailable. Holly Kai features many ways to enjoy this beautiful place including many events, a garden, a studio gallery, The Pavilion, Caitinara Bar and all of the Art.

Holly Kai features these artists in the Art in the park series:


Ceakay Ballyhoo

Her style can be best described as capturing moods. Feel yourself drawn into the landscapes of her pictures.  See the emotion and character traits expressed in the people she portrays.  It’s a dreamy world most of the time. Unclear lines, blurry, warm colours. Sometimes darker and gloomier.”

Visit Ck’s Gallery on Mistwood Isle or Flickr for more of her work.

Check out Ceakay Ballyhoo’s blog.


Eleseren Brianna

“The pieces she offers at the Park are placed under the title of “Myths”, which she describes thus:

I wanted to create mysterious and dreamlike images that call upon the universal archetypes that Jung said lie tangled within the roots of our Collective Unconscious.  These images do not try to explain, or define what is going on in them. They are left mysterious, open-ended, and ready for the viewer to spin their own story onto. “

Eles has so much going on the easiest way to see what she is up to is through Windlight Magazine and her newest venture The Edge and her flickr page.


JudiLynn India

My work embodies my spirit and personality. My goal is to allow you to experience the image with your own mind’s eye. My work is entirely intuitive. I get lost in the layering of texture and colour. Occasionally, I will include figurative work if my spirit is so presented with the composition. Just as there is order in the chaos of the universe, the energy within me is brought into focus one canvas at a time.”

More info about Judilynn and her work  in the Sim street Journal.

See more of her work on flickr and her website.


Lantana Silverweb

For her work, Lantana focus on the feeling each image evokes in her. “I work on them until I touch the darkness,” she says, before going on to express her preference for avatar studies. “I prefer to make images of people rather than landscapes and do my shoots on location although there have been a few occasions where I have built sets.”

See more work from this intriguing artist on her flickr.


Slatan Dryke

“A wanderer by nature, he enjoys nothing more than exploring the grid, finding new pockets of beauty for his pictures, thanks to the creativity and imagination of fellow residents, where his physical world knowledge of photography greatly informs his framing, windlight selection, image ratio, etc., such that he rarely post-processes his work.

As a sculptor, Slatan surprisingly claims to have limited skills with in-world building. However, his works – which focus on the abstract – demonstrate a talent for colour, motion, and composition, and show a skilled level of prim manipulation.”

Find more of Slatan’s work on flickr



“A professional writer, SisterButta, also known as Trolley Trollop, sees Second Life as a means to explore narrative techniques and means to create new “story-making” possibilities to create interactive and immersive environments to convey information in non-traditional ways.”

“More recently, SisterButta and Robijn created Wound Angels, an interactive exhibit honoring breast cancer sufferers through the ages, as seen through the eyes of some of history’s greatest artists, and which was first shown at the RFL 2016 Home and Garden exhibition.”

SisterButta on flickr

Events you can come enjoy at Holly Kai this month include:

Sundays @ Caitinara Bar 12pm slt

2 hours of the best chill-out music with Kess Crystal at the beach side bar.

Wednesdays @ Caitinara Bar 4pm slt

Anthony Wesburn presents a fine selection of blues, jazz and more .

Fridays @ Caitinara Bar 4pm slt

2 hours of the smoothest tunes to kick-off the weekend with Joy Canadeo.

The Park does not accept tips currently you are invited to donate to the their adopted charity Stand Up To Cancer, boards can be found at the venues around Holly Kai Park.

Get out your boat and go visit this artistic nature sim.

Holly Kai

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Cicada art and musings


 Dathúil Art Gallery presents Cicada’s Solitude

“Solitude is the remoteness from habitations.

The sense of feeling to want to be away from everything.

I’d like to be able to get away for a long time,

just to think, to plan and to just be.

A time to fix myself, fix all things broken, fix everything.”



After reading Cicada’s statement above and wandering through her beautiful work a feeling of stillness and introspection flowed.

This is where my head went…


Cicadas are the longest living insects.


They speak to individuals directly through their song

and in the examples that their lives send.

Cicadas show us development, recognition,

and emergence of self throughout the various phases of life cycle.

Staying underground for much of its life,

the cicada insect breaks free and loses its shell.

“to shed your skin”

The Cicada shares how to deeply reflect , honor alone time,

face ourselves, transform and to grow with your life.

The cicada teaches us to listen to our own song and march to our own beat.

We are the song we sing and we can transform through our lifetime.

yeah some times its a bit odd in my head : )


Cicada is currently exhibiting at Dathúil Gallery of Art

The show will be open for the public the 5th- 30th.

Your Ride toDathúil Gallery of Art

Find more of Cicada’s work in her Flickr


Thank you for coming by ~Owl

As I go to hit post on this I noticed Inara blogged this exhibit

in Living In a Modemworld  Solitude at Dathúil


Wonderful May at The Living Room

Cammino_3 by Mistero Hifeng photo by owl

The Living Room kicked off the month of May

on the 3rd with a wild Party opening Mistero Hifeng’s exhibit.

Winston Ackland performed live for the opening his style and warmth eased the tumultuous emotions Mistro’s art stirred.

Contrasting beautifully the warm, vibrant music by Winston and the artistic expression of the deep realms of Mistero‘s soul.

Both the art and the music were quite heady at one point 57 people were there it got a little chaotic and a lot of fun!

Mistero Hifeng photo by Owl

We are so excited to have Mistero’s work through this month.

Each piece draws you in and takes your mind into contemplation.

His art has a way of digging into your soul and bringing up deeper feelings.

Inara Pey describes Mistero’s exhibit in her in depth style in her blog

Living in a Modemworld.

Apmelina also made the opening and blogged in

Min Avatar Heter Apmel

Dream by Mistero Hifeng photo by Owl

We have a full line up of events to celebrate this month.

Thursday Music Party! May 19th

5pm slt – The Vinnie Show

6pm slt – Mark Allen Jensen

Wednesday May 25th

5pm Tone Uriza

6pm Bat Masters


Tuesday May 31

12pm slt Gandalf Mornington

We hope you find some time to come see Mistero HIfeng’s work.

It really is something you do not want to miss.

Untitled by Mistero photo by owl

In addition to these events The Living Room is open 24/7

come visit us by clicking here

thank you ~ owl