Artificial Sasquatch Diagnosis

Rocksuriya’s work photo by Owl

Commune Utopia is featuring the artistry of Rocksuriya.

‘Artificial Sasquatch Diagnosis’

“A study in the virtual male form”

Rock tastefully shows off his physique in a erotic sensual way. The Real life look he acquires through his use of lighting and shadow. The way the light plays on the pixels brings to life the still forms, This exhibit is sure to tantalize your senses as it so softly eases the eye into appreciation of the male form.

I really love his play of light and flesh each piece draws your eye in making you imagine what you don’t see. Rock’s work brings a smile to your face and tantalization to your imagination.

Rocksuriya exhibit photo by owl

Do not miss this Artists show up at Commune Utopia through December!

Come see Rock’s work here.

Commune Utopia features a new Artist each month for info watch the Commune Utopia Blog or contact Yoru Lamourfou.

RockSuriya’s exhibit 

Commune Utopia Blog

Contact Yoru Lamourfou in second life

I snuck and played with a shot of the artist relaxing ~ owl

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Exhibiting at Holly Kai Art Park

Holly Kai Photo by Owl

 Art in the park series for December 2016 @ Holly Kai.

I am excited to be exhibiting my photos in Holly Kai’s Art in the park series for the month of December.

It was hard to choose photos to exhibit. I thought most of my photos were self indulgent Topless Tuesday shots. There are a lot of those but I was happily surprised.

I do have sim’s  visited and many other photos too.

Two photographers I have admired a long tome and followed on flickr will be there

Caitlin Tobias and Blues Rocker.

Caitlin explained a bit more about her exhibit on her blog

Cait’s World.

I love that her exhibit lets you play with the pose!

Caitlin’s poster for her exhibit

Apparently Caitlin Tobias and I were quick at setting up as of this morning no one else had their exhibits up so they will be a surprise.

Kayly Iali and Kody Meyers fill out the 2d exhibitors.

I am unfamiliar with their work and looking forward to seeing it.

The 3d artist for December is Franx Lafavere

In April of 2016 Frankx Lafavere did a Lea Installation called Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor a dark build expressing anxiety, panic disorder. The resulting piece was incredible.

Inara Pey Blogged it here

The Linden Endowment for The Arts blogged it here

I have no idea what Franx Lafavere will share with us at Holly Kai.

He is an incredible Artists and I am sure it will be amazing!

I hope you can join us for the opening Dec 3rd at 12 noon.

This is a formal event so please dress up and be prepared to dance.

Winston Ackland will be performing Live for us !

Winston’s warm heartfelt vibe and wonderful talent is a pleasure in any scene however it is really special to me that he is playing an opening I am part of!

Your teleport to the exhibits

I am embedding Inara Pey’s video of Franx’ Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor for you to see.

Holly Kai does this Art in the Park series monthly.

Check their blog here for what is happening in January.

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I Hope you can make it to the exhibit.



Blindboy Gumbo

Photo @ Commune utopia 2014 By Jamisson Burnstein

Blindboy Gumbo

Nov 30th @ 12pm slt

Commune Utopia

Blindboy Gumbo is a musician that impresses on so many levels! His creative original songwriting, his skilled slide guitar, his sense of humor, the sexy accent and his swank fashion style all combine to make Blindboy memorable in every way! Once you hear and experience Blindboy you will be hooked! I am.

This is real talent shared from his soul!

Blindboy’s Original Music with Fuschia Nightfire’s Video skills!

This Video wa in the MachinimUWA III February 2011

The list of sim’s used is in the video description.

Machinima UWA 2011

Classic Blindboy slide!

Northern Englishman Blindboy Gumbo is a songwriter who blends an urban mix of slide guitar and Rock, with a hint of Alternative Country into an exciting spicy gumbo within an acoustic setting that is both familiar and inviting.

This Geordie knows how to use classic inspirations, to fuel a new generation of tunes to leave you with eargasms.

 For more info

Lee Gibson music


“Any performer capable of bringing soulful melody to a song about an adult toy is one worth listening to, and Blindboy Gumbo’s cheeky sense of humour defines his on-stage presence – along with his gruff and gravelled voice and the kick of his slide guitar. All just part of his irresistible Northern UK charm” Willow Caldera

Thank you for stopping by do join us Wednesday @ Commune Utopia

Kicking off at

11am  Dj Michael Strange is a Stranger in a Strange Land.

12pm Is Live Music by Blindly Gumbo

7-9 pm is Bard Wasp with a Unique set of Garage Psychedelia




Fall Trace photo by Owl

In America today is thanksgiving.

This year has been bleak dark and a very rough one for myself and many people.

My Father went into the Hospital in January and died in March.

My best friend got a horrible flesh eating infection and spent over a month in the hospital she is home now with so much healing still to do.

We are fiercely trying to protect water rights and the people in the forefront are getting hurt and persecuted.

America had an election and we are looking at the most horrible racist, self-righteous, ugly inside person to be our president.

It is hard to feel hopeful with this bleak darkness going on not only here but also all over the world. Opening your eyes and looking worldwide things are just as bad or worse.

Wow sorry. I am trying to write a positive thankful piece.

Winter Trace photo by owl

What am I thankful for ..

I am thankful for the ability to spend those last 2 months with my father holding his hand and being there with him everyday.

I am thankful for the many years of love and friendship he and I have shared.

I am thankful that my Mothers trip to the hospital during that time was short and she is healthy again.

I am thankful for my friends safe return home and that she is Alive!

I am thankful for trees and how they are helping us have clean air to breathe.

I am thankful for people who stand up for the rights of us all.

I am thankful for clean drinking water.

I am thankful for healthy food.

I am thankful for people who love me.

The photos are from the fall and winter trace sims.

This years Fall Trace has been primarily designed by Elvira Kytori.

The Winter Trace has been designed by Kylie Jaxxon and Elvira Kytori.

Your teleport.

The trace on flickr.

Above video by Rising Appalachia

Much Love ~ Owl

Mimi Carpenter Live ~ Commune Utopia!



A French musician who has been playing guitar and singing in Second Life in English, in French, in German, since September 2006.Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of musical styles, Mimi is eclectic and her repertoire includes covers with strong rock, indie and pop influences, originals all accompanied by her acoustic guitar.

Mimi is a warm sweet musical experience that gets you dancing in your chair and leaves you smiling and warm!
MIMI is an experience you need to have!

More Mimi on Sound Cloud or her you tube channel

Mimi Carpenter photo by owlMimi Carpenter photo by owl

Join us in Second Life @ Commune Utopia!

11 am Commune Utopia  features DJ Epicurean

12 pm  Live Music By Mimi Carpenter

 7pm – 9pm Late night with Dj Bard Wasp

Tune in turn on come on out and play!!

Commune Utopia music teleport

Party @ Commune Utopia! photo by owl
Party @ Commune Utopia! photo by owl

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